Decoding Chinese Grammar

The One and Only Video Course of Holistic System of Chinese Grammar

Decoding Chinese Grammar is CLC's new video course. It is divided into three stages,organized by elements and principles of sentence construction.  The student will be equipped solid skills of sentence construction as well as vocabularies and conversation skills to cope up with the requirements of conducting daily conversations.  Students will be able to reach the level of Level 2-3 of HSK Exam after finish these two stages of program. 


  • The use of nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs 

  • Make sentences with nouns and verbs.

  • Conduct simple conversations in real daily life setting, such as greetings, self-introduction, and describe people and objects. 

Video Course

Video Course

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  • Students will learn to express when and where.

  • Students will be able to express tenses, tones, and logical relations with people, objects, time, and place.

  • Students will also learn the correct positions of the grammatical elements in a sentence. 

  • Use sentences to describe people or things (the thing which.... or the person who...).


  • Learners will be trained to make complex sentences (more than one subject and one verb in a sentence.)

  • Chinese verb phrases (resultative verb endings).   

  • Comparison

  • The function of le

  • The function of bǎ 

4-12 hrs to process your full access 

You will receive a document after you did the payment, in which you will have the links to the videos on our Youtube channel: Decoding Chinese Grammar. You will be able to access the video of Unit 1. Due to the time zone, we might need 4-12 hours to process your full access to the videos.  We really appreciate your patience with us.

7-12 days of the shipment of the textbook 

Yes, your payment already includes a hard copy of the textbook and shipment.  The shipment takes 7 12 days.

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