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Customised Classes

Online Classes

Best choice for those who want to master Chinese at a limited time. The course is divided into three stages. Students will learn to master the simple principles of Chinese and be trained to speak at the same time. 



Stage One  (20 Hours)


  1. the use of nouns, verbs, adjective, and adverbs.  

  2. greetings, self-introduction, and describing people and objects. 


Stage Two (20 Hours)
  1. co-verbs (English prepositions, such as "for" "with," and etc.) and auxiliary verbs (English modal verbs, such as "may" "will" "must," and etc.).  

  2. expressions of tenses, tones, and logical relations with people, objects, time, and place. 

  3. the correct positions of these elements in a sentence


Stage Three (20 Hours)
  1. complex sentences (more than one subject and one verb in a sentence.) 

  2. using sentences to describe people or things (the thing which.... or the person who...). 

  3. Chinese verb phrases 

10 % Off for Booking Three Stages


Textbooks and Tax Included in the Price

10 % Off for Booking Three Stages

One Free Rerun for Review

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