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Decoding Chinese


Video Course

The 17 hours' Course makes You Able to 

  • reach the proficiency of level 2 of HSK 

  • effectively communicate in daily life 

  • make your own sentence to correctly express yourself

  • lead basic business conversations  ​

Choose a Plan Best for You

What's in the Package?


The textbook contains all the contents of the classes and exercises for each unit. It takes one to two weeks for the shipment. 

One Free on-line class 

Your teacher will be there to answer your questions.

More Classes

Want more practice? No problem.  You can choose to add online group classes or book one-one-one sessions.

Or, You can also Buy Single Videos...

You can also choose only the units that you are not familiar with.

Unit 8-10
  • who, what. which. how many

Unit 11-13
  • eat, read, wash,...

Unit 14-16
  • will, can, should...

Unit 17-20
  • day, month, year....

  • what time, which year... 

Unit 21-25
  • places

  • at a place, to a place...

Unit 26-28
  • in, with, for...

Unit 29-30
  • when, after, before

Unit 31-32
  • one week, two months...

  • how many weeks? for how long?

  • ​I've been working for two hours.

Unit 33
  • I know the girl who is singing.

Unit 1- 2
  • this, that...

  • numbers

  • measure words

Unit 3
  • I'm busy. He's not good.

Unit 4
  • Are you fine? Is he busy or not?

Unit 5-6
  • my book, his father...

  • a good book, a tall teacher...

Unit 7
  • My name is...

  • He is a teacher.

What's in the video course?

Unit 1-13

  • nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs 

  • making sentences with nouns and verbs.

  • conduct simple conversations in real daily life setting, such as greetings, self-introduction, and describe people and objects. 

Unit 14-33

  • when and where.

  • tenses, tones, and logical relations with people, objects, time, and place.

  • the correct positions of the grammatical elements in a sentence. 

  • Use sentences to describe people or things (the thing which.... or the person who...)

The program is made for...

Business Professionals

With our help, you will quickly master Chinese with easy logic, pick up the most useful vocabularies, and express yourself freely. 

Preparations for Standard Tests

Our clear explanations of grammatical concepts help you easily master the principles of sentence structuring. 


Advancing Understanding of Chinese

Our explanations will help you  get the gist of essential principles of sentence structuring  




Within a short period of time, you will surprise yourself with your ability to communicate in Chinese.

Economical and Convinient

With only a little budget, you can enjoy our quality classes online at any placeany time. 


We offer online group and one-on-one classes. You are not alone! We are always here to help.​

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