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Marie student of Cathay Language Center.jpg
Marie Beaucher,
Project Manager
Caesar Student of Cathay Language Center.JPG
César López del Viejo
Partner & Senior Consultant

I passed the Level A2 of the TOCFL test in November 2014 after taking only 130 hours’ class!! I made a quick progress of my Chinese and can communicate with people well after eight months’ classes. The method they use is great for me as a full-time worker. It is both pedagogical and customized.


They are always open to my request and questions, and they always propose new ways to make me improve and understand better.

When I arrived to Taipei, Cathay Language Center was strongly recommended to me. After 10 minutes in the intake meeting, I understood why. Will and Kristine are friendly and professionals that will help you during all Mandarin learning process. They are very proactive and always trying to find the best tools and methods taking into account your own needs. After several months, I am glad to be a student of CLC and I can feel the improvement of my Mandarin skills every day".


Jessica student of Cathay Language Center.JPG 2015-7-20-22:26:41
Jessica van Dehn
Partner & Senior Consultant
Mike student of Cathay Language Center.jpg
Michael Hollinger
Software Architect

Both Will and Kristine are very professional in their teaching but also very nice persons to connect with. Will teaches me as a beginner of the Chinese language with a dedicated learning method but he is always open to adjust the teaching to my needs. After 5 months I am confident that I am at the right place to learn Chinese in the correct way. The flexibility of their class hours was also very important to start my classes here.


After a year of living in Taipei, I decided that personal lessons were a must-have to speak Chinese at work, and at home. I distinctly remember a series of “a-ha!” moments over my first months of working with Will as more and more of the phrases and expressions that I heard in my daily life began to make sense. Working with Cathay Chinese provided a great boost to both my professional skills as well as my own personal growth.


Paul student of Cathay Language Center.jpg
Paul-Marie Rombaut
Business Controller
Danny Student of Cathay Language Center
Danny Machado Roque
Student at Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HES)

As a young professional working in Taiwan, I needed to improve my Chinese. Pairing with Will and Kristine was a successful combination which has helped me engage both linguistically and culturally with my colleagues. It also helped me build up my resume by preparing for the beginner and intermediate level of TOFCL.


Will is a very skilled teacher, that makes learning a difficult language really easy! He doesn't teach from traditional books that try to force-feed you an entire subject per chapter and chapters that simultaneously try to cram new words in as well. Instead, he takes you on a journey where you discover how everything is connected in the language and why. He'll show you how similar Mandarin sometimes is to English and guides you where it's not. Soon after you work by his method you'll start to wonder why more people aren't using his method. 


If you want to learn Mandarin, but the difficulty of it is holding you back; you should give Will and CLC a chance. With years of teaching experience to different nationals, Will can tell exactly where certain speakers will make mistakes. He knows your struggles before you do, and this is the main reason it seems so easy to learn Mandarin from him. 


It's important to have a strong basis to build upon. Will Zhang can give you that basis. And if I ever find myself back in Taipei for a while, I would definitely grab to chance to learn more from him.


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