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About Us


Cathay Language Center was founded in Taipei by Ms. Crystal Hsu in 1984. Based on the theory first developed by the linguists from Yale University, our approach to Chinese is the most friendly and logical one for English speakers. Our students find them very easy to master Chinese with simple principles and express themselves in real-life settings.  


Want to get the hang of Chinese with a comprehensible logic? Desire to speak your mind proficiently in real-life conversations? Eager to efficiently acquire Chinese in a short time?  Our unique methods of "decoding Chinese"  is unquestionably your best choice.  

Crystal Hsu, Founder of Cathay Language Center
Know why and how

Our program equips students with simple principles of sentence structuring. You will be amazed at how similar English and Chinese are, and how simple it is to get the hang of countless sentence expressions with simple logic. You should know how and why we say so in Chinese, instead of being led astray in the jungle of a new language.

Speak, not just listen

Under the teacher's guidance, students will be led to make their own sentences using the grammatical concepts they've learned. The conversation training is not chatting, which goes nowhere. It is for the teacher to diagnose students' syntactical problems, and to effectively facilitate students' familiarities of new words and grammatical concepts. The vocabularies embedded in conversation training are carefully selected in accordance with its frequency of use in daily life and students' level. Everything you learn in class serves only one goal: Speak! 

Know Why and How

Speak! Not Just Learn

Step by step

We have clear goals and objectives for each stage of the program. We understand your time and budget are precious, and it is our responsibility to use them in the most efficient way, instead of jamming the classes with tons of new words and unreasonable loads.

Step by Step

Characters can wait.

Yes, characters are important, especially for students of intermeiate and advanced levels.  Nevertheless, if you are a beginner, they can wait while you are busy learning how to make new sentences and memorizing new vocabularies, of a new language. Let's keep focused. 


They Can Wait.

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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